The most beautiful beaches in the surroundings of Portopalo, Marzamemi and Vendicari

If you stay at the Quattrocuori Hotel & SPA, all you need to do is take a walk or a few minutes by car to discover the most beautiful beaches of Eastern Sicily:

If you stay at the Quattrocuori Hotel & SPA, all you need to do is take a walk or a few minutes by car to discover the most beautiful beaches of Eastern Sicily: Calamosche, Punta delle Formiche, Carratois and San Lorenzo are just some of the beaches that will leave you breathless!

Calamosche and the Tonnara beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

Calamosche is part of the Vendicari Reserve and, starting from the Quattrocuori Hotel, can be reached in ten minutes by car. It is a beach of about 200 metres set between two high promontories, which create a large cove and frame a wild and uncontaminated scenery. The water is crystal clear and there is no trace of civilization in the surrounding area (that's why we recommend taking all the equipment you need for the sea!). The view from above, before going down to the beach, has often been used as a symbolic image of the beaches of Sicily in various advertisements and magazine covers.

Not far away, there is another very suggestive Sicilian beach, still belonging to the eastern Natural Reserve of Vendicari: Tonnara beach, named as a consequence of the fascinating remains of an old tuna fishing plant next to the sea: very fine sand on one side and pebbles on the other, you can choose which part of the beach to enjoy a relaxing day.

Around Marzamemi

If you are planning to spend the evening in the seaside village of Marzamemi, which is only 4 km from our hotel, you can stop at San Lorenzo in the afternoon: the white sand of this beach offers more than transparent emerald waters. Many call them Caribbean! It is a beach very well served by chalets and establishments. So you can easily stay there all day and then change to enjoy a tasty fish dinner in the seaside village of Marzamemi.

The Island of the Currents: the most beautiful beaches from which to admire it.

Moving towards the side of the Mediterranean, in 5 minutes from the Hotel you arrive at the beautiful Isola delle Correnti: the beach opposite is the extreme south-eastern tip of Sicily. It is a strip of land where the different currents of the Mediterranean meet but, when the sea is calm, a suggestive pebble walkway connects the mainland to the islet. At sunset you will enjoy a fascinating image: the sea, the small island with the ancient lighthouse and the emotion of being at the crossroads of two seas, the Ionian and the Mediterranean.

Moving only a few metres from the Island of currents you reach Carratois beach, one of the must-see beaches in the Portopalo area: a very long golden beach with crystal clear waters and a shallow seabed. It is a perfect beach for families who can leave their children to play on the beach in peace.

Even further east, in the direction of the Province of Ragusa, you will find Punta delle Formiche: a point of sandstone rock with a stretch of beach with very fine sand next to it. Here the sea is cobalt blue and from afar the suggestive lighthouse of the Isola delle Correnti. Reaching this beach from the mainland is a bit difficult but arriving by a boat trip is an unmissable experience. Why does it have that name? Pay attention... the final rocks of the promontory look like a small row of ants that, in order, are heading towards the sea...

Towards the coast of Scicli, Modica and Ragusa, we meet Commissioner Montalbano.

Less than half an hour from the Hotel, there is the beach of Porto Ulisse: golden sand, clear water and imposing stacks give a spectacular landscape. There are many lidos around this beach: this is the perfect choice for those who want to discover the wilderness without straying too far from civilisation.

Finally, if you are a lover of the famous Montalbano di Camilleri, you cannot miss a swim in the sea of Punta Secca, the one where the Commissioner swims every morning before starting one of his extraordinary days. Just reach the small hamlet in the Province of Ragusa and aim for the centre of the village. The beach and the house of Montalbano are right in the centre of the delightful Punta Secca.

There are many small beaches and uncontaminated coves on this coast: a day trip by boat will allow you to discover them and experience them while fully discovering the beauty of the beaches of Eastern Sicily.