A rich sweet buffet to start the day well

Italian and international breakfast, fresh and tasty food

At the Hotel Quattro cuori the day starts with a delicious breakfast that our guests appreciate.

Continental breakfast is served from 08.00 until late in the morning, both in the dining room and in the courtyard.

A large and delicious buffet of sweets, fresh seasonal fruit, nuts and dried fruit and yoghurt or biscuits is available to every guest. All products of the day: sweets, biscuits, cakes are baked by a well-known Sicilian pastry shop, the fruit chosen between organic and km fruit, jams, marmalades and sweet creams selected among those of the best producers, as if they were homemade. There is no shortage, of course, of juices, coffee, tea, milk.

For those who love savoury dishes in the morning, a small corner of quality cold cuts and cheeses will satisfy your palate.

Attention and care is dedicated to vegan and vegetarian breakfast: a wide choice of cereals, chia seeds, linseed, sunflower seeds to be eaten together with a good cup of vegetable milk, soya milk or the delicious Sicilian almond milk.

We also like to take care of those who are more attentive to their diet, which is why we also offer a selection of wholegrain and gluten-free products.